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We're addressing issues that impact people affected by opioid addiction.

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The opioid crisis is multifaceted,
our solutions must be too

We work to improve outcomes for people with an opioid addiction through our scientific research, policy advocacy, and education. We work relentlessly towards pushing solutions like evidence-based medications and harm reduction services that prevent diseases and deaths related to opioid addiction. 





Our research, education, consulting, and policy work covers four primary areas:

  • Reducing stigma

  • Digital Health

  • Treatment in America

  • Opioid Settlement Funds

Reducing Stigma

Reporting on Addiction (501c3) is a stakeholder informed effort to improve the accuracy and empathy of reporting by professional and student journalists. 

Digital Health

Since 2021 we have been producing high impact whitepapers exposing privacy issues and shaping policy discussion surrounding the burgeoning and unregulated digital health industry.

Treatment in America

A Grand Rapids based leader in providing evidence-based care for pregnant and parenting people with an opioid use disorder. We provide technical assistance and support as they scale to provide assistance across Michigan. 

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